chapter 14

image Ruthie must have trapped me somewhere, because all of a sudden I was locked in a dark room.  I wished Ruthie never moved to my school. Then none of this would happen.

image   I searched around the room for some way to get out. I circled around and around in the room until I spotted a window! I was so excited! I could finally get out of here!!!!!

image   I ran over to the window as fast as I could. I climbed up to the window. I hoped Ruthie didn’t hear me smash it.

image I lifted my hand up and banged the window so hard it shattered. Then, I jumped out of it.

img_4844 I was so relieved I escaped without getting caught!  I sat up happily.

img_4845 I wondered where I would go. I’d go home but I had no idea where it is. I had no idea where Ruthie put me. I got up and looked for somewhere to go.


I walked for hours and hours. It felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. I probably was.

img_4847 I looked up and saw a big treehouse! I ran towards it in excitement. I was so sick of walking around looking for someplace. I climbed up the ladder quickly.


I finally got to the last step and pulled myself up. I laid down on the floor of it and fell asleep right away.

img_4853 I had a dream about saving the world from Ruthie and the queen of Crystalandia. I hoped I’d actually do that in the morning.


Chapter 13

image “Okay,” Abbie said, holding up her lantern in the dark. “We’re almost there!”

“Good!” I yelled shivering. “I’m tired!”

image   “It’s not good for me,” I heard Abbie mumble.

“Why are you so scared of Crystalandia?” I asked.

image “Sorry if you didn’t want me to bring it up,” I added so that Abbie didn’t get mad.

“It’s fine I guess,” Abbie answered. “It started about four years ago. Ruthie and I were playing like all friends would…..”

image   “We were best friends and we visited each other everyday! But while we were playing one time, my mom called to come eat dinner.”

image   “It wasn’t just this time I had to leave early though. As I grew older I got more and more busy and the busier I got, the less I saw Ruthie.

image Ruthie would always get very angry about this. I just kept getting busier and busier and busier and I saw Ruthie only once a month at the most!”

image     “One day I cleared my schedule and went to Ruthie to tell her I was free to hang out that Saturday. Ruthie said she was free also. We decided that I would go to her house that Saturday. Ruthie was SUPER excited and so was I. I thought that everything was perfect then, but I was wrong. When Saturday finally came I got sick and I couldn’t go over to Ruthie’s house.”

image   “Ruthie got more angry than ever before. She said that it wasn’t worth having a friend if she could never see her friend anyway. She claimed she would never ever make a friend again.

image She also said she would return to Crystalandia and do whatever she wanted there. She said she should have never left it in the first place. She left Crystalandia to make friends, but now she doesn’t care about friendship.”

image   “She left me all alone. Ruthie was my best friend…….until then.”

“Wow!” I said astonished.

“I know, but that’s not the whole story. I decided to go to Crystalandia and find Ruthie.


When I got there, I didn’t get the warm welcoming I was expecting. Ruthie used her crazy powers to lock me in jail………

image  ……for three horrible years. When I was finally let free by a nice girl who pretended to be on Ruthie’s side but really wasn’t. I’m super afraid of going back to jail and that’s why I didn’t want to take you here,” Abbie sighed nervously.

“Woah! I can’t believe that you……you came back here after being stuck and jail for three whole years? Wow! I was doubting whether I would be able to come back here and I was only in jail for a few days!” I said amazed.

“Yeah,” Abbie said shrugging.

image    “Who enters Crystalandia?” I heard a voice say loudly. A bright light shone a Abbie and me. It made Abbie not need her lantern anymore. I looked up and saw Ruthie using her powers to make a light.

image    “Abbie,” I said nervously. “RUN!!!!”


Meeting Abbie part 1

image  Abbie walked down the hall nervously. She wondered what her new sisters would think of her. She had only met one of them and that was Kit. She was acting in chapter 12 of Crystalandia and so was Kit.

image   To Abbie’s surprise, someone was waiting to greet her.

“HELLO ABBIE!!!!!!” she shouted excitedly. “I’m Caroline!”

“Hi,” Abbie replied nervously.

image   “We have all been waiting SOOOO anxiously for you to come!!!!!!” Caroline yelled.

“I’ve been excited to meet all of you,” Abbie said calmly.

image   “You’ll love Josefina! Oh, and you’ll love Ruthie! Oooooh! Kaya and you will be the bestest-I mean best friends!” Caroline said. “Oh and you already know Kit!”

“Yeah,” Abbie said.


“Abbie! You’re here! That’s great!” Kaya said.

“This is Kaya! Don’t be like Kaya and randomly decide to climb a tree and jump out of it!” Caroline said.

“Hi, Kaya,” Abbie said happily.

image   “Let’s go meet everyone else!” Kaya suggested and they followed her inside Meghan’s bedroom.

image   “This is Josefina!” Caroline said.

image   “Hi Abbie!” Kit said when she saw Abbie.

image   “This is Ruthie!” Kaya said pointing to Ruthie.

image “Hi everyone!” Abbie said happily.

“HI!” everyone yelled.

I’ll like it here! I just know it! Abbie thought.

Chapter 12!!!!!

image  I hurried out of class trying not to get caught. I was VERY worried! It was not just a dream! Ruthie really was going to try to take over the world! This was awful!

image   I ran outside the school relieved that the teacher didn’t see me. It was wet and rainy and pretty much the worst day to look for Ruthie on. I had absolutely no idea on how to get to Crystalandia and I was already soaked by the rain! I couldn’t give up already! I just started!

“Ugh! How am I ever going to get to Crystalandia in time?” I asked myself angrily.

“Well, for starters you can not throw a fit and actually try!” I heard someone say. I looked around and saw a girl riding on a horse.


“I’m Abbie,” she said smiling.

“Hi,” I replied. “Do you know how to get to Crystalandia?”

“No,” Abbie all of a sudden looked worried. “But I should go,” she started to turn her horse around.

“Wait! Can you help me find it? I’m trying to save the world from a girl named Ruthie!”

image       “Alright fine! I’ll help you!” Abbie looked terrified the minute she agreed to help me!

“Thanks! I appreciate your help a lot!” I tried to make her feel better but all she did was nod.


“How are we going to get to Crystalandia?” I asked shivering.

“I actually do know how to get there,” Abbie admitted nervously.

image   “It’s pretty complicated if you don’t have powers,” Abbie said. “Follow me.”

I followed Abbie nervously. Who knows what Ruthie will do to us!

Chapter 11!

image  I woke up startled! It was just a dream! I was not famous and Sophia and Emmie probably don’t even exist! I did save the world from the queen of Crystalandia but nobody knew about it!

image   “Are you okay, Kit?” my little sister Rosie asked.

“Yeah,” I replied. “Sorry that I woke you up.”

“That’s fine!” Rosie said.

imageRosie closed her eyes and went back to sleep. I had to get up for school.

image   At school I couldn’t really concentrate. All I could think of was my dream. It felt so real! What if it was real? What if Ruthie really was going to take over the world? Then what would I do?

image  We had to write a 4 paragraph story on whatever we wanted in writing class, so I decided to write about my scary dream! That way I could think about my dream and do school!

Suddenly I heard footsteps from outside of the  classroom. Then I heard the door open, but I was to concentrated on my writing to see who it was. Then I heard then my desk just magically opened and then closed again! Then the door closed! I nervously opened my desk.


Inside there was a folder that I had never seen before! I opened it and it had three pieces of paper in it! The papers had writing on them! It was not my handwriting! it was not the teacher’s handwriting! It looked exactly like……..Ruthie’s!

image   They said, “It was just a dream, but it was true! I will take over the world and there’s nothing you can do to stop me! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Your friend, Ruthie!”

image   Oh no!

Chapter 10!

image  “Smile!” the camera lady said as I struck a pose. Now that I was famous, my picture was taken a LOT!




image “STOP!” I heard a voice from behind me yell as I struck my last pose.

“What?” I asked turning my head around to find to girls standing behind me.

image   “I’m Sophia,” said one of them. She looked angry and terrified and sad at the same time.

“I’m Emmie,” said the other one with the same look on her face.

“I’m Kit,” I replied. “What’s wrong?”

image    “Everything,” said Emmie. “There’s this evil person. Her name is Ruthie. She’s trying to take over the world!”

“RUTHIE?!” I yelled. “I knew she was bad but I didn’t know she was THAT bad!”

“You know her?” Emmie asked.

“Yeah, um, I thought she was my friend,” I answered. “But I was wrong about her.”


“It is very sad when that happens,” Emmie said sadly.

“Okay, back to what we came here for!” Sophia yelled. “Listen Kit! You’re the new hero! You have to help us get rid of Ruthie and save the world!”

image Sophia walked over to me and said, “We need you! Will you do it?”

I thought for a moment. This would be hard. I knew it would be best if I did.

“Yeah….um….yeah!” I said.

image “YES!” Emmie and Sophia both said happily. I wanted to be happy with them, but really I was so nervous! What will happen?

image We started walking. I didn’t really know where but I followed.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Well, before we go anywhere we have to break out of here! People are waiting in  line to get your autograph so they will never let you leave. We have to get out secretly,” Emmie answered.

image  “We have to climb up here!” said Emmie as she started to climb up a ledge.

“Why?” I asked.

“So that we can get to the ceiling to see if we can break it,” she answered.

imageAfter Emmie got up Sophia started climbing. They were both great at it, but I wondered how good I would be.

image  Soon enough it was my turn.  I struggled to get up. It took about 5 minutes. I wasn’t good compared to them.

image     “Now we have to climb the rest of the way to the ceiling!” Sophia said.

imageI was very worried about this! The ceiling was a long way up from here! I really didn’t want to fall! I won’t die if I fell! There was no chance anybody could live falling from a ceiling this high!

image  Sophia went first. She was super good at it! She climbed so fast and still stayed on perfectly! It was amazing!

image   In no time she reached the ceiling! She pushed on the ceiling as hard as she could but it wouldn’t move.

“I don’t think this will work!” she yelled down to us. “We’ll have to try something else..WOAH!” I couldn’t believe my eyes. What I’d been worrying about this whole time just happened! Sophia fell!

image    She was flying through the air! I didn’t know what to do! Should I try to catch her? Should I tell Emmie to catch her?

“Emmie! What do we do?” I asked nervously.

“I don’t know!” Emmie yelled.

image  Sophia was getting closer and closer to the ground! Once she was really close, I closed my eyes nervously.

image   I opened my eyes and Sophia was on a trampoline! The next second the trampoline had bounced her back into the air until she landed on the coach!

image“I’M ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!” she yelled as she fell on the coach.

image  “Are you okay?” Emmie asked.

“Yes,” said Sophia.

image   “I’m fine! But we have to find a way out! Obviously we can’t break the ceiling!”

image   “It will be tough! But we can do it!”

Chapter 9

image It had been a few days and I was STILL stuck in jail. I still couldn’t believe Ruthie was bad. I spent all day everyday trying to find a way to get out. I couldn’t seem to think of anything.

imageI thought……..

image and thought……..image until I finally gave up. But one day I remembered something. Something that would totally help me in every way!



So I carefully slipped through the bars! I was so excited! This was awesome! There was no alarm so she must have forgotten to turn that back on too!

image I made it out of jail! Luckily nobody guarded the jail! This was really amazing. I sighed in relief. Things might actually work out now! I might actually fix everything!

imageI walked and walked and walked and walked trying to get back to earth. I was wondering if it was possible to walk back. It probably wasn’t, but it was worth a shot.

image After hours and hours and hours of walking, I came to a staircase. I knew I had seen it before but I had no idea where. It looked completely familiar.

image Then suddenly, I remembered! It was the staircase to Ruthie’s earth home! YESSS! I made it to earth! Then I remembered that the book was at Ruthie’s house so I had to go in.

image   I found the book quickly and traveled home. This was so exciting! I was almost finished!

imageBefore I knew it I was home with the book! I did it! I really did it! Now I can have a regular life on earth again!

imageI was so busy talking to myself about how happy I was, that I barely heard a voice say “Hello!” right next to me.

image    “Are you Kit?” I looked up and saw a girl about my age ask.

“Uh, yeah,” I answered confused. Who was this girl? “Why?”

“Can I get your autograph?” She asked jumping up and down with excitement.

“Why? I am just a normal kid! I’m not like a famous star or anything!” I said even more confused and concerned.

“What are you talking about?” the girl asked. “You’re the amazing girl who saved earth from the evil wrath of the queen of Crystalandia!”

“How do you know about that?!” I asked. I literally just got home from Crystalandia! How could anyone know already? I didn’t even tell anyone!

“How could I not know?” she said surprised. “Its all over the news!”

image    “You’re famous Kit!” she yelled.

image“I’M WHAT?”

Chapter 8

image  POOF! Suddenly we appeared in a cage! It was horrible!

“Where are we?” I asked Ruthie.

“We are in a dimension called Horridland. Nobody ever comes here on purpose. Everybody who comes here comes here to be put in jail,” Ruthie answered.

“Well that’s okay. All we need to do is slip through the bars!” I said slowing squeezing between the bars.

image Suddenly an alarm went off! I tried to run but I ran into something that pushed back in jail.

“What the?” I said confused.

“There is an alarm and a force field. When you slip through the bars the alarm goes off and the force field stops you,” Ruthie explained.

image “Great!” I yelled sarcastically. “Now we’re gonna be stuck here forever!”

“Well, actually, only you will be stuck here forever,” Ruthie said.

“What?” I asked.

image   “I have this!” she pulled a key out of her pocket. “It’s the key to break the force field!”

“Why won’t you let me out with you?” I asked, concerned.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m on the queens side! I was pretending! Didn’t you see this coming?” Ruthie said.

“No, I didn’t,” I answered sadly.

image Ruthie broke the force field and starting walking away.

“Ruthie! Please! Come back!” I yelled anxiously.

“Have fun being in jail for the rest of your life!” Ruthie called back.

I tried to stop her. The louder I yelled the faster she ran away from me.

image  I watched her angrily as she walked away. She really didn’t care at all! I could fall off the a cliff right now and she would keep walking away. I couldn’t believe it! She seemed so nice! So helpful! She seemed like a very good friend. But she’s not! She’s the opposite of all those things!

image And now I’ll be stuck in jail forever!